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Interview & Press


A Small Silence Africa Report (2023) 

Review of A Small Silence Daily Trust (2020)

Love is Blind or Is it Not Obiageriaku (2020)

Five for Five Interview Jenda (2019)

Book Review: Secrets in the Lagos Dark The Guardian (2019)

The Auditory of Art of Storytelling in A Small Silence BrittlePaper (2019)

Q&A: Words on the Times – Jumoke Verissimo  Africa in Words (2019)

The city and the writer by Handal wordswithoutborders (2017)

56 Years of Nigeria’s Independence BookShy (2017)

Interview with Jumoke Verissimo Matatu (2012)

Book Review: A Small Silence by Babatunde Alaran (2020)

Darkness & Light in Jumoke Verissimo’s A Small Silence by Femi oyebode (2020)

A Small Silence: Between Darkness and Light Lagos Review (2020)

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